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Namaste Yoga School welcomes you to the life-changing program ofyoga teacher training in Rishikesh India. In the city of yoga, you can drench yourself completely in the traditions, customs and authentic practice of yoga. Whether you are a new learner or an experienced practitioner, our supportive and welcoming team is here to help you at every step and is dedicated to deepening your practice. We let you connect with your lost inner self. Join our yoga school in Rishikesh, "Namaste Yoga School" on this transformative journey towards greater health, happiness, and fulfilment.

Namaste Yoga School is registered by Yoga Alliance, USA and is a known school for conducting yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. You can come here as a newbie and with our guidance and dedicated teaching, return as a well-knowledgeable yoga teacher. Yoga courses in Rishikesh by Namaste Yoga School depend on your level of knowledge and skills. No doubt, it is the best for the new learner but also those who already hold skills in the practice can come to Namaste Yoga School. The advanced and master courses (300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training) aim to deepen your pre-existing abilities and expertise in yoga. You might have already strengthened the core of yoga but what about other levels? Courses at Namaste Yoga School help in strengthening every aspect of yoga.

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Namaste Yoga School Has been situated in the Yoga Capital of the World RIshikesh India Known as for the best yoga teacher training schools in Rishikesh for many years. Offering a traditional Yoga teaching with our best yoga gurus as they guide you will not be disappointed when you choose to study with us. Our main focus is to guide each and every student in a proper way that after that will complete the course they will independently lead the training teacher everywhere . We aim to create an open atmosphere and special bond between the students, teachers and our team.Namaste Yoga School has a reputation for the quality of our teachers, facilities and for the loving, supportive style of our conducting classes.

Our Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

A yoga teacher training in rishikesh is a transformative experience that allows you to deepen your understanding of yoga and take your practice to the next level. In Rishikesh, you'll have the opportunity to learn from experienced teachers who will guide you through a comprehensive curriculum that covers asanas, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, and more. namaste Yoga School offers -200 hour, 300 hour, 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

200 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh

Beginner Level

200 Hour YTT Course in Rishikesh

  • Duration: 25 Days
  • Level: Beginner
  • Certification - RYT-200, Yoga Alliance
  • Fee: From 899 USD
Course Details
yoga teacher training in rishikesh
300 hour yoga teaxher training in Rishikesh

Intermediate Level

300 Hour YTT Course in Rishikesh

  • Duration: 29 Days
  • Level: intermediate level
  • Certification - RYT-300, Yoga Alliance
  • Fee: From 1299 USD
Course Details
500 hour yoga teacher training

Advanced Level

500 Hour YTT Course in Rishikesh

  • Duration: 59 Days
  • Level: Beginner to intermediate level
  • Certification - RYT-500, Yoga Alliance
  • Fee: From 1999 USD
Course Details
500 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh
kundalini Yoga teacher training

Beginner Level

200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Course

  • Duration: 25 Days
  • Level: Beginner to intermediate level
  • Certification - RYT-200, Yoga Alliance
  • Fee: From 899 USD
Course Details

Why Choose Namaste Yoga School?

Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

You should choose our Yoga school in Rishikesh, not just because we teach holistic yoga. We are on a mission to spread awareness about yoga. Our expert trainers are capable of making you grow spiritually. Your professional success as a future teacher, is also in the best hands. When you imbibe the positive aspects of the yogic realm, through our multi-faceted Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh you start differentiating between materialism and needs. You evolve not only as a human being, but also lead a successful career, in whatever field you are.

The Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is a certified one, from the renowned Yoga Alliance USA. So, it automatically gives a boost to your career globally. After successfully completing the course, you can seek a job across the world or open your own school. Moreover, you can also become a healer. We teach yoga in the most authentic manner, without any modern representations. The course is taught by teachers who are empowered and enlightened themselves. Namaste Yoga School has real and traditional solutions to modern world issues that can be solved spiritually.

namaste yoga om

Certified Yoga School - Namaste Yoga School is a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance, USA. So, if you complete any yoga course in Rishikesh with our yoga school, you become eligible to register as an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher).

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Teaching Methodology - Our style of teaching makes us unique among others. We focus on every style carefully and make sure that students learn all the basic to advanced techniques of a particular style.

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Experienced Teachers - We can stand out among others yoga schools with the level of experience and expertise of our teachers. Moreover,their friendly and unique way helps you to coordinate with them well and frankly.

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Community Atmosphere - The sense of community and support among students and teachers at Namaste Yoga School is a unique aspect that sets it apart from other schools.

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Special Programs - Yoga is not only a teaching method for us. It is wisdom, devotion, a belief and we make sure that our beloved students also consider it in the same way. Once you start considering it more than a practice, you start connecting with it better.

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Personalized Guidance and Progress Tracking: At Namaste Yoga School,we pride ourselves on offering personalized guidance to each student, ensuring their yoga journey is tailored to their unique needs and goals.

Our Retreats

Join Our Yoga And Meditation Retreat In Rishikesh

A yoga retreat is the perfect sanctuary for beginners as well as the experienced. You can delve deep into the ancient storehouse of knowledge or start afresh. The authentic retreat experience will help you to learn yoga and about yourself.

yoga retreat in rishikesh

03 Days

03 Days Yoga & Meditation Detox Retreat

  • Duration: 03 Days
  • Level: Beginner to intermediate level
  • Yoga Retreat
  • Fee: From 499 USD
Retreat Details
7 day yoga retreat in rishikesh

07 Days

07 Days Yoga & Meditation Detox Retreat

  • Duration: 07 Days
  • Level: Beginner to intermediate level
  • Yoga Retreat
  • Fee: From 1999 USD
Retreat Details
Meditation Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

14 Days

14 Days Yoga & Meditation Detox Retreat

  • Duration: 14 Days
  • Level: intermediate to Advance level
  • Yoga Retreat
  • Fee: From 899 USD
Retreat Details

Our Teachers in Namaste Yoga School

Best Teacher in Yoga School in Rishikesh - India

Our teachers have been practicing yoga for a decade or more, and have dedicated their lives to it. Moreover, you will be able to gain an authentic knowledge of yoga, in terms of theory and practical from them. The unique teaching pedagogy of the yoga course in Rishikesh will help you to understand the most difficult aspects, easily.

Sachidanada kundalini teacher
Swami Sachidanand Ji
Kundalini Yoga, Philosophy,Naturopathy Teacher
team member
Yogi Rajeev Ji
Hatha, Pranayama Teacher
team member
Yogi Raghav Ji
Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy,Teacher
team member
Yogi Swaraj Ji
Nada Yoga, Music Therapy Teacher
team member
Yogi Naveen Ji
Hatha, Ashtanga Teacher
yoga in rishikesh

Yoga In Rishikesh - Join The Ultimate Spiritual Community

Yoga in Rishikesh - India

Come and practice Yoga in Rishikesh, the World Capital of Yoga. The training and practice at the yoga ashram in Rishikesh, opens the doors to authentic yoga study and subsequent practice. You will be able to practice yoga on the banks of the River Ganga. The school-ashram is surrounded by the mighty peaks of the Himalayas, so as you practice you are in the company of nature at all times.

Rishikesh is the abode of spirituality and calmness, so it is just apt for you to do the yoga course in Rishikesh. This is the perfect place to explore spirituality and self-healing, under learned Gurus. The place exudes a religious and spiritual vibration, so that you get the right ambience to sink into the realm of yoga. It is here in Rishikesh, that you will be able to align all the layers of your physical, mental, and spiritual body, during your stay.

At our ashram, we follow the ancient Guru-Shishya tradition, which helps you to discover a new you. Additionally, you also get a Yoga Alliance certification for your professional upliftment.

Join Our Yoga Allianced School In India

Namaste Yoga School - Best Yoga School In Rishikesh - India


To say the yoga capital of this world it is one of the best Yoga schools which is situated at the heart of the city. Here practices or forms of yoga are found in one of the purest forms. The history, origin, and every aspect of yoga are covered. People from different parts like the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand come here and enroll themselves in their famous Yoga Teacher Training Course. This YTTC course is a little different from any other course and the main reason is its beautiful blend of all the aspects covering yoga.

The center here provides courses for beginners as well as for people who want to pursue this as a profession. The center I accredited by the Yoga Alliance USA and has different variety of courses which we shall discuss. The only aim of this institute is to provide refined yoga teachers and trainers. Thus they have different forms of it in form of yoga anatomy, alignment, and adjustment yoga philosophy meditation, pranayam, etc. Also if you are someone who does not want to be a part of yoga for a lifetime but takes it as an escape this place is perfect. The reason is they provide 5,7, 10 days programs which one can avail. The best part about it is that this school creates an atmosphere where you will feel family having the best environment, food, bonds, and warmth.

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” – The Bhagavad Gita.

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India

Personalized Guidance and Progress Tracking

Rishikesh has a long history of yoga, with many famous yogis and gurus having studied and taught here. The city has developed a rich history, heritage, and lineage of yoga. The city is accessible and affordable for yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. So, if you are a budget-conscious practitioner, then surely this is the city you should choose.

Yoga and Meditation practiced here can lead to spiritual growth and enlightenment. The city is nicknamed the "Yoga Capital of the World" and the pure and pious atmosphere of the city is the best if you want to join any of the yoga TTC courses in Rishikesh. If you are a sheer lover of yoga, then you need to visit Rishikesh definitely. There is a different vibe here that can't be experienced anywhere in the world.

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh is not just a course but taught you a way of life. Yoga in Rishikesh tells us how to live. Choosing yoga courses in Rishikesh is a smarter and healthier option.

The teachers there are deeply connected to spiritual traditions. They do not even learn yoga with various courses or degrees, indeed they get it in their lineage. If you plan to undergo yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, come to Namaste Yoga School. We are here to help you at every step.

At Namaste Yoga School, we pride ourselves on offering personalized guidance to each student, ensuring their yoga journey is tailored to their unique needs and goals.


Classical Hatha Yoga

Classical Hatha Yoga- At Namaste Yoga School, Classical Hatha Yoga unfolds as a transformative journey. Rooted in ancient traditions, our expert instructors guide students through foundational asanas, pranayama, and meditation techniques. Immerse yourself in the authentic practice of Classical Hatha Yoga, experiencing holistic well-being and spiritual growth in the serene backdrop of Rishikesh.


Ashtanga Yoga

Namaste Yoga School's Ashtanga Yoga program offers a dynamic and structured practice, meticulously blending breath and movement. Led by experienced instructors, students delve into the traditional Ashtanga sequence, fostering physical strength, mental focus, and spiritual awakening. Immerse yourself in this transformative journey, cultivating a balanced and disciplined yogic lifestyle.


Kundalini Yoga

Discover the transformative power of Kundalini Yoga at Namaste Yoga School. Led by skilled instructors, our Kundalini Yoga sessions harness dynamic movements, breathwork, and meditation to awaken the dormant spiritual energy within. Dive into this profound practice, balancing chakras and nurturing a heightened state of awareness.


Our Spritual Yoga Gurus

Guru 1
K. Pattabhi Jois
Guru 2
Swami Veda
Guru 1
Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
Swami Rama
Swami Rama
Guru 1
Swami Vivekanda

What You Get Here

Facilities at Namaste Yoga School



  • chakra-icon Shared Room
  • chakra-icon Private Rooms
  • chakra-icon 3 Sharing
  • chakra-icon Dorms


  • chakra-icon Vegetarian
  • chakra-icon Yogic Diet
  • chakra-icon Vegan
  • chakra-icon Glutenfree


  • chakra-icon Kunjapuri Sunrise tour
  • chakra-icon Vasishtha Cave
  • chakra-icon Ganga Aarti
  • chakra-icon Madhuban Temple
  • chakra-icon Secret Waterfall


  • chakra-icon Tea's
  • chakra-icon Filtered Water


  • chakra-icon Ayurvedic Full Body Massage


  • chakra-icon Hot/Cold Shower
  • chakra-icon Laundry Service
  • chakra-icon Wifi Connection
  • chakra-icon Parking

Our Reviews - Namaste Yoga School

What Students Say About Us

E Eliska Warner

200 Hour TTC

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Finding a good Yoga school for Teacher Training in Rishikesh can be a tough job because there are over 1000 schools. I have been fortunate enough to have found Namaste Yoga school....

J Juhar Himalya

Kundalini TTC

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Great place to learn yoga teacher training course. Good staff, good teacher and best accommodation in Rishikesh with mountain view. I join kundalini yoga course and it's just awesome.

P Prabhat Nautiyal

Meditation Course

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If you want to learn yoga..Go there... Excellent management, excellent teachers, excellent food.... Don't hesitate...Just enroll yourself.

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Best Yoga School in Rishikesh

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Best Yoga School in Rishikesh

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Best Yoga School in Rishikesh

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Frequently Asked Question

FAQ - Namaste Yoga School

What is Yoga Alliance Certification?
Yoga Alliance is an international yoga certification organization in the USA, the yoga alliance certification is valid worldwide.
Can I teach worldwide after completing the yoga teacher training course from Rishikesh?
Yes, Our Yoga teacher training courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance USA, after completing your course you can teach worldwide.
Is it worth joining a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh?
Joining a yoga school in Rishikesh, India is worth it for individuals due to its reputation as a global yoga center, offering authentic teachings in a spiritually rich environment. The original traditional yoga which the ancient Gurus have taught is still carried out in Rishikesh.
Can beginners study yoga in Rishikesh?
Yes, beginners can start their journey from the foundational course of 200-hour yoga teacher training.
Is yoga teacher training a good career?
It is. For people who love yoga and want to help others, becoming a yoga teacher can be a rewarding professional path. With growing health awareness and the relevance of yoga around the world, teaching yoga is surely one of the best career options.
Where can I learn yoga in India?
There are many cities where you can learn yoga in India. Popular destinations for yoga are Rishikesh, Kerala, Mysore, Goa.
What is the requirement to join a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh?
The only requirement to join and practice yoga is a willingness to learn yoga.
Why choose Namaste Yoga School?
We at Namaste Yoga School honor every student’s unique path. We Try to cultivate what's within the essential nature of each individual, student in order that they feel able to express yoga within the world in their own way.
What kind of meals do you provide?
We provide Vegetarian Sattvic meals which include fruits, cooked vegetables, rice, bread, roti (made from wheat), lentils, vegetable salads, and juices.
How much does it cost to learn yoga in India?
If you are looking to learn yoga from a reputed school in Rishikesh with decent accommodation facilities, it will cost around 800 to 2000 USD depending on the accommodation you choose.

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